Linking communities and our future . . .

Buffalo’s Canalside and Cobblestone districts are more lively than they have been in generations. The best way to pay a visit is Metro Rail. As this area grows and develops, Metro will too, with this study as a guide. Take a look around, comment, follow us and help make Metro exactly the kind of transit this city needs.

What is this?

The TOCC study will focus on the areas in and around the Canalside and the Cobblestone District (obviously), specifically the areas around the HSBC Arena, Harbor Center, the DL&W building (Metro Rail’s home) up to the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino.

Here’s a closer look at the study’s goals and objectives:

Goal - Enhance overall transit access throughout the Canalside and Cobblestone Districts
• By improving customer experience through service and amenities.
• By optimizing Metro Rail station locations.
• By improving accessibility to/from Metro Rail stations.
• By improving integration between Metro Rail and other transportation elements.

Goal – Facilitate reuse/reactivation of the DL&W Terminal
• By focusing DL&W reuse as a benefit to transit.
• By integrating a station within DL&W or with direct access to DL&W Terminal.
• By increasing rider and community access to the 2nd level of DL&W Terminal.
• By using Metro Rail as a means to support and drive redevelopment of Canalside and Cobblestone.
• By reactivating the South Park Avenue streetscape.

Goal – Provide capability to extend Metro Rail service beyond Special Events Station
• By providing Metro Rail service to the vicinity of, into, or through the DL&W Terminal.
• By focusing extension of Metro Rail in the current study area along the Main Street/South Park Avenue corridor to Michigan Avenue.
• By setting up Metro Rail for potential extension beyond DL&W Terminal or beyond the intersection of South Park and Michigan Avenues.
• By minimizing impacts to existing Metro Rail maintenance and operations activities in the Yards & Shops facility.
• By making extension compatible with Buffalo Harbor Bridge (if Main Street location is chosen).


  1. Water Taxies Commuter ferries up and down the Buffalo/ Niagara River? We could de connect neighboorhoods and sites with water taxies and commuter ferries

  2. As so many wonderful music events take place at Buffalo Iron Works, the availability of adequate service from that area, linking to various bus lines is desperately needed. For example, I can ride the #25, #11, or #23 to a subway to Canalside then walk the rest of the way to enjoy an evening of live music- if I can find someone to drive me home. However, when shows end at 1AM (or later on weekend nights) every $35 (minimum) cab rides home is untenable. Between people working in places that provide entertainment, hospitals, factories and other businesses, Buffalo not a 1st-shift-only town. It is a city that operates around the clock. Its transit system needs to do so as well.
    Sincerely, a patron of the arts.